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The many flavors of: Necros – IQ32 7″

I covered the Necros in a past vault selection so I’ll skip the back story as it can be found there.

This was their second release and was a split venture between Dischord and Touch and Go Records. Back then, and even now, Dischord would do split releases with labels they would help distribute. I don’t know the specifics of who paid for what, I’m assuming most of it was actually paid for by the band and Dischord probably was more involved with getting the record distributed.

This single had 3 pressings, and 4 distinct variations and they are as follows…

The first pressing had green labels. There was 1000 pressed. 100 of those were housed in special sleeves that were made for a show at the Endless Summer Skate park. I believe this was due to the fact the real sleeves were not ready yet. The band whipped these up at some print shop. I am not sure what printing technique was used, either screen printing or something else. I do know that many of them look funny due to this printing technique and some were even put into bags while still wet, thus forever attaching it to the bag! These were hand numbered on the back. This version looks like this…

The second pressing was also 1000 copies and had tan labels…

The third and final pressing was again 1000 copies and had white labels. Sadly this was the last anyone would see of these recordings legally as the record went out of print and has never been reissued anywhere aside from bootlegs…

There were also 3 distinct insert variations.

This was the one in the Skate park sleeve…

This was the one that came with the second pressing and was two-sided…

and this one that was in the third pressing…

So there’s the story of the many flavors of the Necros IQ32 7″, one fine piece of hardcore history.


  • I just checked, I’ve got a green label first press with a second press lyric sheet…weird.

    The last two entries could be filed under the heading “It’s a crime that these records are out of print”. MXV, what else do you have in the vault that qualifies as “classic punk rock” and has never been reissued? Might as well continue the theme….

  • Amen!

    Joe Snow, I have a traded copy of the Germs Gi like that… it’s a second print with the first print lyrics sheet – unfortunately the guy who gave it to me died shortly after so I couldn’t get the first print vinyl… damn reeper

  • It’s possible that the first and second pressings had the same insert. I don’t have a regular green-label version, I onl have the skatepark one from that pressing.

  • not to make this more confusing than it already is getting, but I have a green label one (non skatepark) with what you are calling the 3rd pressing lyric sheet (one sided, no pics, maumee adress). according to this lyric sheet goes with the green label 2nd pressing (after the skatepark version).

  • Hey MXV, great blog you have here.

    There is a bit of overlapping when it comes to lyric sheets etc… on that release. They were xerox printed (as were most of the early Detroit HC flyers) at Albert’s Copying in Ann Arbor on an as needed basis. Because of this, you’ll find second press IQ 32 records with first press lyric sheets. Each sleeve was hand cut, folded and glued (many by me). Whatever was available was used. The sleeve and lyric sheet for the skatepark edition were designed, printed and constructed in a hurry the day of the show. Larissa from L-Seven/Laughing Hyenas numbered them all. We did this simply because the real sleeves had yet to arrive from the printer and we wanted the record to be available for the gig. As I think back on it, the show at Endless Summer skatepark marks the true beginning of the Detroit HC scene. Loads of kids that could’nt get into the clubs showed up and we were blown away by the turnout. As stated above, the band financed the first pressing and Dischord (who were already up and running, though the release of Sex Drive predates the Teen Idles e.p.) provided the distro hook up. Grover at has done a really great job documenting all this minutiae so head on over there for further fun facts.

  • Who needs the Smithsonian, the National Archives and the Library of Congress when you have Punk Vault? Great obsessive stuff from one of the greatest hardcore bands…

  • I’m curious if anyone really knows why the Necros Touch and Go stuff is out of print? Is it simply because Corey Rusk doesn’t (or didn’t) like some of the other members? It seems like there is such a demand for the Necros T&G records (bootlegs pop up all the time) that they could get past their animosity long enough to give this stuff a proper reissue.

  • i think this was way more random than it seems.

    i have

    1st press (green labels) w/ glossy sleeve and 2nd press insert

    2nd press (tan labels)w/ matte sleeve and 3rd press insert except the zip code isn’t scribbled out. There is a funny message “Barry loves tracy’s lucious body” and there is a stick figure with boobs and long hair.

    Probably should chalk it up to some random fit of adolescent stupidity…

  • I just received a 2nd press that is correct (beige labels and double sided insert). My green label 1st press has a 3rd press insert (?) and my white label 3rd press has the 2nd press insert lyric side only (???)
    I am happy to have them all, I just wished they were all correct, but after reading the other comments I am now just happy to have them in the first place.

  • You guys should be happy to even have a copy of the 7″ Whether it’s the first, second, or third pressing the Necros 2nd 7″ is one of the best punk 7″ of all time. With only 3,000 in print count yourselves as some of the lucky ones!!


  • All parties involved have agreed to allow the Necros Touch and Go catalog to finally be relased on CD on T&G!!! Limited edition 180gm blue vinyl copies of Conquest For Death may also see the light of day. This should happen this Spring! TS

  • whoa…finally. thats great news about the necros back catalog being released. i hope it all of the back catalog and not a “best of”. i will buy the vinyl and cd.

  • I have a 4th insert not pictured with my 2nd press vinyl. Like the “2nd press” but the lyrics are white text in black boxes, one sided. back has the barry loves tracy with stick figure art. Also my 1st press green labels has the “3rd press” insert. Let me know if you want a photo.

  • I have a third pressing with a second pressing insert. The insert has the address for Touch And Go crossed out with a black marker that leaked through to the other side. I also have a non-skatepark first pressing. The Touch And Go addresses on the back are different. The first pressing is Lansing, MI and the second is Maumee.


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