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Because sometimes one reunion can cause another

Slint was not the only one having a reunion these past three days, it turned out, they spawned some reunions in my life. Thursday night while waiting outside the Metro for the doors to open for the first of the Slint shows, 3/4 of big’n suddenly walked up to Dark Dave and myself. It was Todd, Mike, and Bill. Now the last time I talked to a couple of those guys, I don’t recall it being that pleasant, we probably argued about something and I hadn’t seen them in quite a few years. We got to talking before the show started and it was a lot of fun to catch up and talk about the stuff we all did together back in the day. I had nearly forgotten just how much fun we all had together back then until we started remembering and sharing the stories of the past. It really left me with a good feeling and I was really happy to talk to those guys again and they all seem to be doing well and have their heads together.

The second nite, while Dark Dave and myself were standing in the spot we claimed with Carl (formerly of Pencil), who should walk up to us? Light Dave! Light Dave was part of the Spontaneous Combustion staff along with Dark Dave, my sister and of course myself (and a little later Young Dave and Bill Dozer). I had not seen or spoken to Light Dave in about 10 years and he was totally cool and we had a great time talking and catching up. I had an extra ticket for tonight’s show and Light Dave was interested in seeing the show again so he also attended the show tonite with Dark Dave, Carl and myself.

The second nite I also ran into Aadam the taper, who I used to talk to at shows all the time back at places like Lounge Ax because we’d all tape the shows. I had not seen him in close to 2 years, since I ran into him at the Rocket from the Tombs show. He cut his hair (he had super long hair for like most of his life I think and far longer than I’ve known him) and I barely recognized him! Aside from the haircut, he hasn’t changed a bit.

The last person I ran into was Demon, who even though he lives a block away from me, I never hear from him or see him. I ran into him at Best Buy about a month ago and we talked so I knew he was going to two of the shows. After we all parted ways after the show, I teased him that I’ll talk to him next in about two years from now when I run into him at Best Buy, because that was how long it was between the lat time I heard from him, and when I ran into him at that store a month ago.

So on top of the great band playing, the Slint shows were fun on an entirely different level as well with all this reuniting of old friends. The only thing I wished was that Lady Combustion would have gone with, but she opted to stay at home and not attend. I would have liked to introduce her to my old friends, some of which she has never met and I would have very much liked her to be part of the fun. I will have to have a party at The Manor in the future and get everyone together again so years don’t go by again without my seeing these people.


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