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Anyone out there know a lot about good cartridges for turntables?

I’m due for either a new stylus for my turntable, or even perhaps a new cartridge. Currently I have a Technics 1200 turntable and I’m using a Ortofon Super OM20 cartridge/stylus. I would like to upgrade the stylus and/or cartridge for an even better sound. Should I just get the Super OM 30 or 40 stylus or is there something that nets a better sound out there for around the same price (300 or less is preferred, I’m low on funds and don’t want to break the bank).

I’m not a DJ obviously, I want something that sounds great for listening, and for recording my records to cd/mp3 files (for you Vault fans).


  • cartridges work on magnetics as far as i know and they only work effectively for like 2 years tops and then the magnets start to lose their charge (like the negative and the positive start wearing off onto each other) so u didnt say how old ur cartridge is or ur needle…but ur sound quality pretty much comes 100% from ur cartridge and needle quality….and besides that a dull needle will fuck ur records up…and both will wear out faster with use…especially the needle…luv the site by the way

  • Before replacing your needle you may want to try cleaning the contacts with a pencil eraser (inside the tone arm and at the back of the cartridge). Due to their design, Ortofons sometimes don’t quite fit into the 1200 tone arm accurately enough, resulting in crap sound.

  • Have a listen to Grado cartridges. I got one to replace my mother’s Ortofon VMS20E Mk II after she lost the stylus while moving house and the local Ortofon dealer wanted a small fortune for a new one. The Grado sounds better and is a bit cheaper.

    I can’t quite agree with the poster who said magnetics wear out after two years as I have some Shure cartridges that are 25 years old and still working. Maybe he/she had a defective one.


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