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  • There was a documentary at Sundance this year New York Doll about Arthur “Killer” Kane and his conversion to Church of Latter Day Saints. The filmmakers said they were partly moved to make the film “in early 2004, when Kane agreed to a musical reunion with the band’s other two surviving members singer David Johansen and guitarist Sylvain Sylvain.”
    Just FYI

  • Why doesn’t anyone recognize that the original guitarist Rick Rivits is still alive and well and involved with music? Isn’t it strange that they would rather get some replacement guitarist to fill Thunders shoes than the guy who started the band in the first place? This really bugs me…

  • blatant attempt at makin a few bucks…be cooler to see buster poindexter does lounge versions of the new york dolls than to see geriatric punk…ben gay and viagra present the new york dolls

  • I saw the re-formed dolls last summer and they were GREAT. There music was pretty timeless, just pretty basic rock and roll. I am pretty sure KISS were constant openers for them, so you see, it’s just a different scene.
    Go see them at any chance. Johansen has one of the best voices I have ever heard live. He is one of the best vocalist ever.

  • Rick and the boys are back and better than ever in THE RICK RIVITS BAND!!!!!!!Catch them if you can-i have heard their new recordings-and its some of the best rock and roll i have heard in a very-very long time!!ROCK ON GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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