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Iggy Pop – Live San Fran 1981 DVD

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Iggy Pop – Live San Fran 1981 DVD
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Ah yes, yet another Target Video release from the archives has been reissued in digital glory. I’m really glad to see them continue to re-release this old stuff as all of it certainly deserves to be preserved and this is no exception.

On November 25, 1981 Iggy Pop was touring in support of his Party album and he played a show in San Francisco to a packed and enthusiastic crowd. Iggy is one of the most influential and charismatic (as evidenced by his stage attire consisting of a leather jacket, mini skirt and stockings) front men in rock history and he never fails to deliver the goods live. The show spans 60 minutes and contains 12 songs, mostly stuff from his solo career as well as a couple of Stooges songs (“TV Eye” and a great rendition of “1969”). The lineup on this tour included Clem Burke from Blondie playing drums as well!

Visually it is a multi camera recording and if you have ever watched a Target production before you will know what to expect. Keep in mind this is 1981 punk rock technology, however for the time and budget, Target really did a fine job on their recordings and this one is one of the better ones. I noticed no technical glitches so the master tape must have been in good shape. There are two choices for audio, stereo and 5.1 surround. The surround, while certainly not containing any gimmicks and effects, does a great job of filling your room if you have the setup.

If there is any negative to this disc it is the lack of extras. The only extra on here is a trailer for the DVD of the Stooges reunion and that’s it. I would have loved for some more random clips from other Target Videos like on some of the other DVDs that have come out recently. Overall this is a pretty nice thing to a have if you are an Iggy Pop fan.

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  • Thanks for the kind words. It’s good to know there are those who appreciate my efforts…Joe Rees/targetvideo77 p.s. wait until you see the Damned video…

  • Hey joe. How about releasing that early
    black flag footage on dvd. Please.


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