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Still no luck

Still no luck so far on the job hunt. In the meantime I have been catching up on stuff around the Manor and just started another project for Mystic Records that I should probably finish by the weekend seeing as I have so much time on my hands. That money will be a little help in paying the bills and eating, as the pittance that unemployment pays isn’t enough to cover it all. Needless to say aside from any potential trading, the punk vault isn’t going to have any new additions in the near future and aside from the money I set aside to go see Star Wars this week when it opens, I won’t be going out either if it involves spending any money.

Among those things I am catching up on is encoding this video of Negative Element that Keith sent me ages ago now, and getting it up on the Spontaneous Combustion site. Its a piece of punk history for sure.

Look for another DVD review and some sort of new Vault feature this week as well once I get the motivation to piece something together. I’m overdue for a “Many flavors” feature as well as I have some photos ready and just need to sit down and write one up.


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