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The barter system

In this day and age where everyone just sells their stuff on ebay, and no one seems to trade anymore, I am pleased to report I have some good old-fashioned trades in the works. The first one has already been completed and I have a couple others in the works. When all is said and done I will have scratched 3 items off my want list. In a time when I am jobless and broke, it is a ray of sunshine on an otherwise dark time in my life. I have been needing a record fix ever since losing my job and the trades will satisfy that for a small time.

I’ve always been a huge advocate of the barter system. I guess it is the small part of American Indian that is in my family lineage somewhere way back. I have done more trades in my life than I can possibly keep track of. Some of the more interesting ones included trading comic books for computer supplies, trading computer supplies for a Vectrex and games, and trading a lint remover as part of a deal to get some records. That last one stands as the most humorous trade ever conducted, and it was at my friend’s insistence that I throw in the lint remover as part of the deal. My mom wasn’t too happy about that when she went looking for it one day and I had to fess up that I traded it. At least she didn’t claim the record I got as hers since it was her lint remover that I traded.

In other news, I have scraped together enough cash to be able to go to the two shows listed on the left. I am very excited about it, not just for the sake of getting out and having fun, but for the chance to see Bonemen of Barmuba, who I’ve been a long long time fan of but never got a chance to see back in the day. I’ll charge up the camera batteries and hopefully get a few good pix of the evening. Cheddar Nines said that he’s in, and Thor is in for the fun too so far so its going to be a fun evening.


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