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ECW One Night Stand

Last nite I went over to a bar that was showing the ECW One Night Stand PPV for free, the only requirement was you had to purchase one drink from the bar. Seeing as how I couldn’t afford to have a few friends over and chip in to get it, this cheap way seemed like a good deal to me so I went. Am I glad I did.

This PPV stands as the single best wrestling show I have seen on PPV in years! I had a feeling it was going to be good but a little concerned that they would try and “WWE up” the show too much. To the WWE’s credit, they hit one out of the park by letting the show be exactly what it had to be in order to be successful, and that is a real ECW show.

Had I been in a coma for the past 5 years and just come to, upon watching this show, I’d have thought ECW never closed up shop and it was still going strong. Every single match from top to bottom was great fun, exciting, and the participants gave 120% of themselves and risked life and limb to deliver the goods. The show brought back so many memories for me having watched the show for a few years and having gone to all the shows they did in Chicago, and it was something I thought I’d never get to experience again but we all got to, one last time.

Some highlights included Tajiri and Super Crazy showing the people that they are still some of the best and most entertaining people in the cruiserweight division. I must have seen those guys work each other like 20 times back when ECW was in business and I wish I could see them work 20 more. Super Crazy’s moonsault off the balcony onto the F.B.I. standing on the floor was unreal. RVD gave cut the promo of a lifetime and told it like it was. Paul Heyman’s heartfelt speech was very touching, Rey vs. Psychoisis started off a little off, but soon got great and how Rey survived that leg drop on the guard rail is a mystery to me. Masato Tanaka vs. Mike Awesome was brutal, just like their old matches were. The main event left the crowd satisfied and going crazy. Really the list of great moments is too long to type out. There was something great in every single match in my opinion. I was smiling the whole time.

Like I said, the best wrestling PPV in years, and it is going to be years before something probably ever tops it. ECW was a wrestling organization unlike anything that has come before, or will since. It was something really special for not just the fans of the product, but for the wrestlers too. The legacy of ECW could have so easily been tarnished by this reunion show but thankfully the show was a true tribute to one of the most exciting things to ever happen to the business. I’m sure the buy rate and especially the DVD sales are going to reflect just what a good show it was. I for one thank each and every person who busted their ass, and probably shaved years off their life putting on such a fun show.


  • I watched this ppv, it was awesome, only thing I did not like was Stone Cold Steve Austin showing up – he was only in the ecw briefly..

  • I watched this ppv, it was awesome, only thing I did not like was Stone Cold Steve Austin showing up – he was only in the ecw briefly..

  • I miss ECW but I also remember a ton of lame shows in ECW’s delining years.

    I went to Philly to see November to Remember 96 and its still the single best show I’ve ever seen.

    It’s good to know that this show was great and I’ll definitely be renting this when it hits the shelves…

  • It was a great PPV. Every moment of it was great…until the BWO interupted the main event. That was the most hideously stupid thing I’ve ever seen on television in my life. And Joey Styles obnoxious fake laughter was just as annoying…that one single moment dropped it from a “10” to a “9”. And I like the BWO! I like Joey Styles!…but sorry, that just reeked of homosexuality.




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