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The many flavors of: Peace Corpse – Quincy EP

One of my all time favorite hardcore records came in a few different variations in the years that is was in print. I’ll save the history for when I do a “selections from the vault” on this record (which I would do sooner if Bill Sassenberger from Toxic Ranch would get back in touch with me) and get right down to business.

The version we all know (and love, or at least should love) wasn’t the first attempt at this record the band did. There was a completely different recording of the same 6 songs that made it as far as test pressings before they scrapped it and re-recorded the songs.

There were 5 of these test pressings made and needless to say these versions never saw the light of day anywhere, and won’t. The songs were much slower and in some cases had different lyrics.

When the record finally did come out, the first pressing had orange letters on the sleeve and came on black vinyl. All copies of all pressings came with a lyric sheet.

It was then repressed on what Toxic Shock would call “crushed bone wax”, which was white with black streaks. The color on the cover changed to pink on this pressing. At the time, there were not many color vinyl records that looked like this, at least not in punk rock land, so it seemed pretty special at the time.

A third and final pressing followed, this time on black vinyl with green lettering on the sleeve.

After that, the record was out of print for many years until it was released by Dr. Strange Records as the Toxic Shock 7″s compilation CD. I was glad to see the music made available again as to me this is one of the better hardcore 7″s. I love all six songs and the Pushead cover art was top notch, it was just an overall great package from top to bottom.

So there you have it, the many flavors of the Peace Corpse EP.


  • i Just learned how to play a peace Corpse song..on the bass……the one that goes… thy neighbor..who kill eachother..go to church every looking for the lyrics…..

  • I was looking through the photocopied inserts that came with my Quincy 7″ (first pressing) and noticed that the cassette version of the Quincy EP was advertised as having “6 extra raw tracks” in addition to the tracks on the record.

    Any idea what these extra tracks were?

    In the piece Bill Sassenberger wrote that’s posted elsewhere on your blog, he says Peace Corpse only recorded 7 tracks for the Quincy 7″, the seventh song ending up on the Barricaded Suspects compilation.

    The only thing I can think of is that the earlier versions of the Quincy songs found on these test pressings were included on the cassette.


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