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Holy crap, I fixed it!

While sitting here pretty much bored out of my skull, nursing a cold, I managed to fix my problem with IE/Opera and my show/hide comments plug-in for WordPress! I was fumbling around and had the idea of “what if I moved the items that are getting pushed out of bounds to above the comments stuff and make the comments links last” and sure enough, that did the trick. Well, it did most of the trick, there was still one more problem. When you show the comments, it adds a pair of links to hide or post comments at the end of the comment list. These links were too far left, so I looked through the html and noticed that everything up until those links were contained in a < .ol> tag so I simply moved them inside that tag and it fixed that problem as well. I have to say I’m pretty damn happy to have this problem fixed, even if I’m not really sure why it was doing it in the first place. Perhaps something in the CSS of the “filed under” and the “tags” was causing the trouble, but I don’t know.

So as I mentioned above, I somehow managed to get sick. I would have to guess I got poisoned at the CUAD show on Wednesday nite, but who knows for sure. What started as my thinking I was just having an allergy attack turned into a full blown cold. Its kept me up the better part of the last two nights so I’m functioning on very little sleep right now. I had to miss out on the Rick Schieve party last nite which I was really looking forward too. That was really the only thing I had planned for this weekend and I had to miss it.

Still no luck in the job department and I’m really getting scared now. I am however forming something of a backup plan. I noticed there is a lot of web design jobs available in these parts so I’m going to read up some books, and take a few classes (online ones no less) to get better at this stuff so perhaps if all else fails, I can do that for a job in the future. I know that the school might not help that much over just reading books, but it will look good on a resume and the online classes are very affordable. I am getting really sick of never having any money to do anything at all with very few exceptions where I allow myself to spend a few bucks to go out to a show. I’ve taken to riding my bike to the post office with packages strapped to my back because I don’t want to pay a million dollars to put gas in the car.

My sister was here for a visit for the past two weeks and just left to go back on Friday. It was really nice having her here and she even treated for a few meals! The part that sucked was that since (the now former) Lady Combustion and I split up and her not moving out for a few more weeks, she has taken over what was the guest room which would have left my sister to be stuck on the couch in the living room. I didn’t want to do that to her so I gave up my room and took the couch. It got to be pretty uncomfortable after a few days and my back is still a bit sore from it even now. The next time she ever stays here I’ll have a guest room again so it won’t be an issue in the future. Speaking of the split, it can be awfully difficult at times still living with the new ex. Half the time we are just arguing about stuff and its extremely stressful, and stress is something I don’t need any more of these days! There is like one or two days a week where we actually get along but for the most part it sucks. The upside is that she still pays half the bills while she is here, which is a big help and once she’s out of here, I’m gonna be even more broke unless I can find work asap! Man it gets depressing and stressful just thinking about it.

And speaking of money, there is still copies of the Government Issue 7″ on green vinyl available, as well as some other good stuff in the Spontaneous Combustion online shop. Please buy some of the stuff if you can because every extra dollar helps right now.

Well, I guess that’s about all the excitement (or serious lack thereof) in the life of MXV right now. I want this cold to go away so I can feel better and get back out on the bike for some more riding while the weather is still good. I actually managed to lose a few pounds this summer due to all the bike riding!


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