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Any html/css/php masters out there who can help?

I bumped this one back to the top because I am still in dire need of help. Can anyone help figure out this problem??!!??

I’m having a problem with my drop-down comments on this blog working with IE. It works perfectly in Firefox, but sadly 3/4 of the visitors to this site don’t use it. Here’s the dilemma. I am using scriptygoddess drop-down comments plug-in for WP. On any post on this main page that has comments, some of the “filed under/posted by” text is pushed below the border line, and over to the left outside the margins of the center box. I can’t figure out for the life of me why it does this in only IE and my limited knowledge of html/css and lack of knowledge of php has left me scratching my head in frustration.

If anyone can figure out the solution to my problem, I’d be very grateful!


  • Well the problem is not in the commenting but the show/hide more plugin I’m using and the CSS/HTML associated with it. It works fine on Firefox and from what I can tell everything seems correct but on IE (and Opera I’m told by the above comment) it moves things where they dont’ belong.

  • Well, after some more fumbling and moving a couple things to be in slightly different places, I seemed to have fixed it. I sense that something perhaps in the CSS of the “filed in” and “tags” was causing the problem because when I moved those items to be above where the comments links are, everything seemed to work. Whew!


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