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The many flavors of: Minutemen – Paranoid Time 7″

The first Minutemen single, which just so happens to be one of my favorite releases from the band, came in a few different variations over the years that it was in print. Not only were there a few different US pressings, but there was a foreign one too as SST had a UK branch at one time. Let’s get to it then shall we?

The first pressing was on black vinyl with a large spindle hole. This was in print for many years.
1st pressing

There was a UK pressing that had a black and white sleeve. While the US versions were glued sleeves, this was folded and much thicker paper stock. The record also had a small spindle hole.
UK pressing

Around 1990, SST did that whole big run of color vinyl pressings of most of their catalog. There was allegedly 1000 of any color made and then if it sold quickly, they would do another 1000 on another color. This record was pressed on green vinyl…
green pressing

…and then it was pressed on orange vinyl. This orange one for whatever reason seems pretty scarce and my copy is the only one I’ve actually seen. For allegedly being 1000 of a color made, you’d think these would turn up a lot more often.
orange pressing

The record also came on a 10″ around 1990, also on green vinyl and then on black vinyl, the latter of which is still in print. The 7″ may or may not still be available from SST, they seem to press up more of key titles on vinyl from time to time.

So there you have it, the many flavors of the first Minutemen single, a must for every vault!


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