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LFCM November recording session

Last night we had another recording session for our “Live From Combustion Manor” radio show. Sadly out planned special guest, Barry, couldn’t make it out for the show. Hopefully he can come out for the next one. Members in attendance this time were MXV, Senor Citizen, Cheddar Nines, Stiff Mittens, Hanover Fist and Cocoa Hole. Later in the evening, The Duke and Evie came by for a bit and brought a box of some nasty tasting Jones Holiday Soda. The only one I tried was corn on the cob flavor and it was foul. No one liked any of it, and the rest of them sure didn’t smell very good. How can people drink that stuff?

Here’s a few of the many pictures that were taken. The rest will be up on the radio site when the episodes from this session start airing. We still have a couple episodes left yet of the October session, which will be up soon.

LFCM november recording

LFCM november recording
Senor Citizen, recording engineer

LFCM november recording
A bag full of LFCM buttons.

LFCM november recording
Cheddar Nines, Cocoa Hole, and Stiff Mittens

LFCM november recording
The new station of operations

LFCM november recording
Hanover Fist and Cheddar Nines

LFCM november recording
Senor Citizen

LFCM november recording
The whole crew sans Cocoa – plus Duke and Evie, and Jones nasty flavored soda.

To listen to “Live from Combustion Manor”, click here.


  • I see a Johnny Socko’s Giant Robot action figure in the background of one of your photos. I have one too! I loved that show when I was a kid. The villains were like Nazi Beatniks with their brown shirts, goatees, and black berets.

  • Sorry about that mxv!! Some neighbors came over to drink a few beers and watch some football games. I didn’t see that you called until after they left and I drank too much by that time to drive down to your place. I will make it for one of the radio sessions. I will even bring the beer. Have you tried the Harp Lager yet?


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