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If I’m quiet for a couple days don’t be alarmed

Sorry for a lack of updates the past couple days. I had a busy weekend and my free time has been spent working on my reviews for Punk Planet Magazine which are due in a couple days. Tomorrow I also start a temporary gig working with Senor Citizen at his job for some much needed income to keep the lights on over here at Combustion Manor. I look forward to returning to the working world, if only for a short time.

Of the pile of stuff I’ve had to review for PP, one standout was from a band I never heard of before, Honeyhander. Their EP is f’n sweet, and I can’t stop playing it. Honeyhander, if you read this, please come play a show in Chicago, for I would go to it for sure.


  • Hey buddy! I hope all is well. ANyways, I am now using Firefox and I can no longer see your page. The banner is black and so is everything in the middle…any ideas? Or is it something on your end…

    I hope all is well

  • I’m using Firefox too and it works fine for me. Perhaps clear your cache and reload? Nothing changed at all recently on the site that should cause it not work.


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