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Motörhead – Stage Fright DVD

Motörhead - Stage Fright DVD

Motörhead – Stage Fright DVD
SPV Records

I think it is pretty safe to say that if it weren’t for Motörhead, metal these days may not exist, or at least not exist in the same way. 30 years ago, Motörhead started putting out some powerful metal/rock records that would help change the face of music. Much like punk rock, many of whom would embrace Motörhead, the band didn’t buy into all the bullshit of the dinosaur rock and just wanted to play some kick ass music. Motörhead never let up, and never changed their sound, if they are guilty of one thing, it is consistency. Much like AC/DC, you know what you are in for with a new Motörhead record, so if you are a fan, they aren’t going to let you down.

This DVD’s main attraction is a live concert from Dusseldorf in 2004. It was recorded on more cameras than you could keep track of in front of a huge crowd of rabid Motor-fans. The concert runs about 90 minutes long and it features songs spanning their entire career including stuff from their most recent album. Having not heard the last many Motörhead albums, the new stuff to me, had you not told me, would have had me thinking it was recorded years ago with the other material, which is a testament to their consistency and with “sticking with what works”. The performance was very energetic, and the crowd sounded way into it. 30 years of touring and recording have not slowed these guys down at all, they still go like they did when they started, and could in fact be better since they’ve been at it so long.

Visually you couldn’t ask for better, the image quality is razor sharp and the editing was very well done, including some interesting effects here and there. The picture is anamorphic widescreen. The audio has two options; stereo and 5.1 surround. The 5.1 option sounded the best and had a nice full sound.

The second disc on here contains all the extra material. There is a piece on a 30th anniversary special that happened in Los Angeles and features interviews with fans and celebrities such as Triple H and Chris Jericho from the WWE, as well as people from other bands who were there, and often times cited Motörhead as a direct influence of them. Other features were a documentary on Motörhead’s rabid hardcore fans, interviews with the band and their long-time road crew, a slide show, and a copy of the band’s rider from 2004. All the extras were very interesting and gives the viewer a peek into a side of the band they normally don’t get to see, as well as see their fans. The entire two disc set clocks in at around four hours, so there is plenty to keep you busy.

If you are a fan of Motörhead, I’d say this is pretty essential viewing, it is also a nice way to check out what they’ve been up to lately as they play some newer material alongside your longtime favorites. If you are a casual fan, it is at least worth a rental. Either way, it is a pretty good way to spend an afternoon.

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  • Man, I remember the 1st time I saw Motorhead was on their 1oth anniversary tour! Time flies! I have seen them 5 more times since and it has always been great. Coolest thing about Motorhead is the fact that you get punks,skins and metal heads all at one gig!


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