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New Adolescents color vinyl

Hot on the heels of the package I recentely received from Lisa of Frontier Records, comes another one! This package contained the newest color vinyl of the first Adolescents album. This is another one of those records that should be issued with every home, and is a mandatory part of any punk rock collection.

Adz LP on white
Adolescents – “Blue album” on white vinyl

These Adolescents records seem to sell out quickly, so if you want one I wouldn’t hesistate to go over to the Frontier Records website and snag one before your only option is to buy one on ebay later. Many thanks to Lisa for the donation to the vault!

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  • Reading that interview with her, Lisa seems like she’d do it anyway, but everytime I see a new color on your site I go straight to the website and order it. Just wanted to let you know that you are, in a small way, throwing her a few bucks every now and then.


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