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  • Word of Pigs death has spread quicly here in Portland, although I was never a huge Poison Idea fan, I still had respect for them and talked with Pig a number of times over a 20 year period. Anyway I raise a beer in his memory!

  • “Pick Your King” is one of my favorite hardcore records ever. This is not really a surprise, given Pig’s lifestyle and size, but its definitely a bummer.

    R.I.P. Pig Champion

  • What are the details, does anyone know?
    Great memories of drinking with the Champ and Jerry A. Truly one of the all time greats!

  • Strange thing, I was just recounting one of their gigs 3 days ago. In London 1992 I think, someone grabbed Pig’s bottle of Jack Daniels at the Marquee and after the song was over they stopped playing til he got it back. Great gig, as always they tore it up. Everyone came out of the woodwork for that one.

  • I was informed that Jason died of an aneurism while undergoing drug treatment in Mexico. Two great musicians in one week, makes you really think!

  • I saw Tom Pig do a stage dive once at a show! It was sheer terror for 10 or so people who got flattened by him.

    He was drinking so much everyday (even in the mid-eighties) I’m shocked that he made it this far. I’ll miss him.

  • This message is for RD Davies. Are you playing in any bands right now? I play drums and I follow a lot of the stuff that you’ve done with Chorus and Infest and Prison. I’ve even got the Hunger stuff on CD. Do you give drum lessons at all? Thanks man. Patrick McKenna


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