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  • I nearly wore the grooves off of my RKL records as a teen back in the 1980’s. I saw RKL twice, once in Florida and once in California. I am very saddened,that this man only a few years older than me has passed away! I send my condolences to his family!

  • Wow, 2 RKL members in a month. Bomber was one of the best Punk musicians ever and Jason was always great! I saw a show once where Jason intentionaly made himself puke on the people up against the stage! It was so out of line that he instantly became my hero!

    BTW, I recently bought the “Keep Laughing” CD released by Mystic and I’m disapointed with how Doug decided to fuck with the original mix on several tracks (listen to “Beautiful Feeling Pt 2” on the vinyl then the CD to see what I mean).

  • The “Beautiful Feeling” ep and “Keep Laughing” lp are classic records.

    It’s too bad that so many people don’t even realize that what an influence RKL has had on the punk scene. If there hadn’t been RKL I don’t think NOFX and those that copy NOFX would have ever found the sound that they did.


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