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It’s not that I don’t have anything to say…

It’s just that I don’t have the time to say it! I guess now is the time for your regular MXV update. As regular readers are well aware of from my incessant whining about it, I didn’t have a job. Well technically I still don’t have a real one, but I am working. A lot! I mentioned taking on a temp contract gig, which isn’t what I wanted to be doing as the job itself is kinda depressing, but the income is much needed, and pretty good. Well that went from like 2mph to 55mph this week. I’m working there every weekday, all day, and the trend may continue just like that for my duration there (through the end of June most likely). It sucks up all my days, which I’m not used to but the upside is the fact I won’t have to wonder where my next meal or my pending property tax is coming from.

On top of that, I also previously mentioned I was cleaning/fixing pinball machines for some extra income, well that has stepped up too and I have a pile of machines at my house begging for my attention when I get home from the contract gig. So right there, its like I have two jobs. And let’s not forget my own record label/mailorder, and the work that I’ve been doing for Mystic (which suddenly is piling up one release after another as well!). Needless to say I haven’t had any time this week for writing or reviewing the many things I have sitting here on the table. When I get this machine finished over the weekend, that should free up a little time for me to do a proper post of something like a review or whatever comes to mind. All of this work means when the money starts coming in, I can actually afford to buy my own food when I go out with my friends and pay my bills, however I won’t be buying records or any luxuries really since none of this shit is permanent, and I could be back to zero dollar income in two months. So my quest for the ever-elusive “real job” still continues.

Recently my health hasn’t been the best and my blood pressure has been high enough for long enough that the doctor has put me on high blood pressure medicine. There’s nothing like the reality of “getting old” than having to be put on some meds that your dad takes! Someone please tell me where all the years went and how I got to be this age!

If you looked on the left sidebar, you may have noticed the banner for the big “30 Years of Punk” show coming up that the klowns have put together (with a little bit of help from me). I’ll be doing a proper pimping of it soon enough on this site, but needless to say if you live in the area, you ought to come out to it as it will be the most fun show of the year and I’ll be spinning classics from the vault at the after party!

Last for today I’d like to wish “the former Jones Violet” well wishes on her pending move/travel back to Canada. I know her sudden packing up and moving isn’t easy and is stressful and I wish her the best of luck on her journey.


  • I love the way you buy into all the commercials about how you have all these medical problems and need prescription drugs because you are old. You have what you want or your excuses for not having it. If you want better health, put yourself first and take care of it….diet, exercise, meditation, etc.

  • I love it. You bitch about not having a job and now you bitch about having too many! That’s the MXV I know and love 😉 I’m just gonna bitch about you having to work while I’m there on vacation! I have a car most of the time I’m there too so was planning on some serious Addams Family and Dracula and of course POTBELLYS! But guess now you won’t have time :-/


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