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Two new Frontier colored vinyl releases

The day I ended up in the hospital, I received a new package in the mail from the ever-so-lovely Lisa Fancher of Frontier Records. Inside I was quite pleased to find two records on sweet colored vinyl that just got released.

Christian Death LP on purple vinyl
Christian Death – Only Theatre of Pain LP on purple vinyl. This is the premier death-rock record that deserves to be in every home and is a long-time favorite of mine. This previously was available on a gold colored vinyl and my friend, ExRaye, suggested to Lisa to do it on purple next time they were going to press it, and you can see the eye pleasing results. I actually like this color way more than the previous one.

Dangerhouse Volume 1 on red
Dangerhouse Volume One on red vinyl. This is a mandatory old punk collection of some of the best songs ever released on the legendary Dangerhouse Records label, which is easily the best record label of all time. This is one of the most mandatory collections in punk rock!

Both of them are available for a limited time and can be ordered directly from Frontier Records. Not only is the price extremely fair (including postage), but you’ll get your order extremely fast too! If you happen to drop by there for a visit, be sure to tell them MXV sent you. Many thanks to Lisa for this latest vinyl fix!


  • I love….
    Christian Death
    Only Theatre of Pain

    And, of course…
    Lisa Fancher

  • dude
    i don’t know you at all, but i occasionally peruse your blog. i have been have sever health issues myself for more than the past year with no insurance. i too have been in a great deal of pain. i feel for you.


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