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Final Conflict – Ashes to Ashes CD

Final Conflict CD
Final Conflict – Ashes to Ashes CD
SOS Records

Final Conflict was a hardcore band from CA who started in 1983 but didn’t put out this, their first album, until 1987 on Pushead’s label, Pusmort Records. It wasn’t in print for more than a year or two before it vanished. It was reissued once in the 1990s on CD by Relapse Records, then again by Cargo/Tacklebox and eventually went out of print again. Now for the third time, it is once again available on CD.

The music is pretty straight-forward mid 80’s hardcore with surprisingly very little metal influence considering the time period this was based in. They lyrics were fairly political in nature and pretty well thought out and certainly appealed to the general feeling of punks in that decade and in many ways are still as pertinent 19 years after they were first presented.

The packaging contains lyrics to the entire album, a little message from the band and a small collage of photos on the last page. On top of the original album, this CD contains bonus tracks from the band’s 1984 demo doing covers of “Love Song” by The Damned and “Warhead” by UK Subs. I wish they would have included the band’s original material from said demo if any existed, but still it was better than no bonus material. Overall a pretty wise purchase for fans of 1980s hardcore and its nice to see it preserved once again in a nice package.


  • This is a great LP!The Tacklebox CD has six bonus tracks recorded live at Dead Zone Rehearsal Studios 1985.None of these tracks are on the Original LP so I would recommend trying to find this version of the CD.

  • The band still plays occasionally, with only the guitarist and a new line up. Saw them play at the British Invasion and they were really bad, dissapointing. Still, this is the classic line up that made them great. And yeah.. the Tacklebox version is much better.

  • well, chargedpunk, in 23 years, no one certain member has ever been too high, fucked up, or unprepared as a
    musician to end up being “really bad”
    infact, eanyone that is in final conflict has always took pride in not going on stage with a don’t give a shit attitude. also you’re the first one we’ve ever heard say something thing like that, aside from
    people that didn’t like us already.and keep this a secret,…but rumor has it, they’re all pretty good musicians. you must be really above and beyond good at something (like talking out of your neck?) or perhaps you were just more comfortable with all of the young yummy chips ahoy sing’a’long bands of the day. one last thing,do you call yourself “chargedpunk” because all of your hip punk gear from hottopic is charged to your parents credit card? (hey,don’t dish it out if you can’t take it!) i’m not insulted anyway, because your full of shit, RIGHT?

  • wow,

    Final Conflict always ruled. I stumbled across this page while reliving some old glories. I would saw off my right arm to see FC today regardless of band composition.
    So would a bunch of other old fogies I know here in Illinois.



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