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Adolescents signed edition

I received a package in the mail a few days ago from my favorite lady in CA, Lisa Fancher of Frontier Records. Inside it contained a pretty sweet piece of vinyl which I will now show you.

Adolescents demos LP signed edition

This is the Adolescents Complete Demos LP on orange vinyl that was signed by three members of the band (the three that played on every song on this record). It comes on orange vinyl (dreamsicle colored) and is hand numbered on the back of the sleeve…

Adolescents orange vinyl back

Mine was number 002!

There wasn’t many of these signed ones made and you can only get them by visiting the Frontier Records website. While you are there, tell Lisa and Betty that MXV sent you.


  • I was so anxious to get that record that I didn’t wait for the autographed copies. Now I wish I had!

  • Thanks as ever, MXV — you shall always have our colored vinyl ltd ed LPs first! I gave these jackets to the band to sign LAST SEPTEMBER at Alex’s in Long Beach. That’s what makes musicians so gol’ durn adorable…

    I feel bad if anyone bought the b&W limited edition
    w/o signatures so if it helps ease the pain, we will give you an ADOLESCENTS summer 2007 poster illustrated by Gilbert Hernandez of “Love and Rockets” for FREE, how’s that?


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