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Happy birthday… MXV

Today I would like to wish a happy birthday to, well, myself! Yes, it is that time again where I am one year closer to the dirt nap. If you are keeping score at home I’m 37 and it is fucking scary that I’m pushing 40. Hell, I never thought I’d live this long back when I was an angry young teenage punk. Anyway to celebrate my birthday, last night some of my friends, my lady and I went bowling and drinking at a local bowling alley. It was a lot of fun and apparently I’m a pretty good drunk bowler! I scored 136, 160 and 140.

Today I had a mini Gigante reunion of sorts where four of us went to the Palace Grill for much missed Palace Burgers (a half pound burger on french bread, oh man does it rule). It was well worth the drive to the city in traffic and it was nice to see some old work mates again.

And as for presents check out what I got!

bday gift

That is a brand new and super-sweet lens for my camera. It is on top of a skull and cross bones blanket. The lens was bought for me and the blanket made for me by my lovely girlfriend, who happens to be the sweetest person on the planet. I’ll be taking the lens out for a test drive this coming Friday when I go see and photograph These Arms Are Snakes.

Since it’s been awhile since the last MXV update I’m happy to report that aside from the new lady mentioned in the paragraph above, I also finally have found a full time job. I’m back to doing video game design work again like I used to for a company in the area. It was a long time coming but I’m quite happy to be back on my feet, even if it means waking up in the morning before double digits on the hour hand. The people at the new gig seem very nice and I think I’ll be quite happy there. The commute isn’t half bad either, in fact it is far better than the last place I was at so that’s a definite plus.

The lack up regular updates around here lately is due to my still adjusting to my new schedule and lack of free time between the job and the lady and the general maintenance of Combustion Manor. It should resume a regular schedule shortly.



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