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Someone please punch me

Have you ever said something during an argument so completely mean, stupid, and out of line that you wish you could rewind life to the point and not said it? That just happened to me in an argument I had with the person that means everything in the world to me and I love more than life itself. I pray that I will be forgiven and I’m not typically the praying type.


  • MXV, it’s okay. She will forgive. Don’t beat yourself up over it too much. We’re human and we all make mistakes.

  • If the person does not understand and will not forgive you, then you don’t need that person in your life.

  • You should have punched her in the face. Ah, what the hell. We’ve all done it. Just apologize profusely, send some flowers. In time, all will be forgiven. Until then, crank the Bad Brains ROIR CD.

  • You should never say something so hurtful to a person you claim to love. Sometimes you need to stop and think before you run your mouth.

  • Sometimes it just needs to come in that way to end the dispute/agruement.It’s almost like being pushed into a corner and having no other way out but to go for the low blow.I’m not saying that is right by any means, but tempers flare and sometimes we forget and really hurt those we hold dear to us.I’ve been there many a times my friend. Don’t beat yourself up too much over it. Just do your best to never do it again and hold that promise to yourself. Time heals bro & if not MXV, I’ll keep a 12pk on the ice for ya’and some tunes on the turntable.

  • Sometimes we all run our mouths and that doesn’t mean for a second we don’t love someone. It’s human nature to put our foot straight down our gullets at times. It’s also human nature that enables us to apologize and, likewise, to forgive.

  • Thankfully I was forgiven and we worked it all out. I did learn a very valuable lesson however that I won’t be forgetting anytime soon. Thanks for all the comments everyone, it is much appreciated.


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