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Lots of Frontier color vinyl

The other day I was once again surprised to find a very large package sitting on my doorstep. It was full of records and I do mean full! The package in question was sent over by Lisa and Betty of Frontier Records, one of my favorite labels ever, and contained the latest in colored vinyl offerings they just pressed. There was some punk rock classics…

Adolescents Clear 10 inch
Adolescents – Welcome to Reality 10″ on clear vinyl.

Adz clear
Adolescents LP on clear vinyl

Circle Jerks blue
Circle Jerks – Group Sex on blue vinyl

Suicidal Tendencies gray
Suicidal Tendencies LP on gray vinyl

Weirdos clear
Weirdos – We Got the Neutron Bomb LP on clear vinyl

And some indie rock ones as well (featuring Elliot Smith)…

Heatmiser 10 inch
Heatmiser – Yellow No. 5 10″ on clear vinyl

Heatmiser clear
Heatmiser – Dead Air LP on clear vinyl

Heatmiser clear
Heatmiser – Cop and Speeder LP on clear vinyl

All of these are of course available for a limited time and can be purchased direct from the source at the Frontier Records website. If you drop by there, tell them MXV sent you!

Once again my undying thanks and love go to Lisa and Betty for sending this sweet stack of color wax for the Punk Vault!



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