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Eddie and the Subtitles reissues!

I just got a sweet little package in the mail from Lisa and Betty of Frontier Records and inside it contained a pair of new releases for the label, both of which are reissues of some long lost and excellent punk rock!

Eddie and the Subtitles – Fuck You Eddie LP

This LP is a “greatest hits” type collection of the somewhat legendary band, Eddie and the Subtitles. They put out only one single and two LPs in their short time as a band and they have all been out of print for over two decades. I never thought any of their old music would see the light of day again but I’m happy to see the best stuff has been resurrected. The band was an odd one and had moments of greatness but even their first LP was only 50% good and the second LP was pretty much a letdown. All the best tracks the band ever did, along with a pair of unreleased ones are all here on one record. This really is everything you’d need by the band all on one pretty orange vinyl platter. It comes with some really interesting and informative liner notes from one of the former band members that tells the story of the band I’ve always wondered about but could never find much history on.

Eddie and the Subtitles – Louie Louie/American Society 7″

Frontier also did a limited edition reissue of the Eddie and the Subtitles 7″. It’s a great old punk 7″ that should be in everyone’s collection and now you can have it in yours for less than a hundred dollars. This comes on clear vinyl and has a nice glossy fold-over sleeve and retains all the original artwork. It’s a great way to check out the band if you never heard it before, not to mention the cover art alone warrants the purchase.

Both of these records can be scored direct from the Frontier Records website for a very fair post-paid price and I guarantee you’ll get them quickly as well as their mailorder service is top-notch. Thanks a lot to Betty and Lisa for sending these over!

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  • I have owned the original since it’s release…it is outstanding that their is a reissue of this classic 7″


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