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Robotic Empire offer free sampler compilation

It has been a long time since the last free Robotic Empire sampler (over four years, in fact) and while there’s no physical version this time around, the label is still excited to announce its latest 18-track sampler for 100% FREE download!

18 tracks over 52 minutes within 101 megabytes, with cover art and heaps of info on each song/artist/etc included within. Here is the full track listing:

1.) BAD SECRETS – Go and Leave
2.) NEON BASTARD – Steven Tyler
3.) FLOOR – Downed Star
4.) VANESSA VAN BASTEN – Fuck the Best, Take the Rest (teaser)
5.) TIDELAND – Braindead on the Interstate
6.) YOUNG WIDOWS – Lucky and Hardheaded (live)
7.) CAPSULE – Just Three Lines
8.) DIAL – Sweating
9.) HEWHOCORRUPTS – Sell em All (MIDI)
10.) THOU – By Every Hand Betrayed
11.) BATTLEMASTER – Death is a Warm Cube
12.) MEDUSA – Mediatrix
13.) EMPLOYER, EMPLOYEE – Nil or the Nile
14.) FLOOR – On the Money
15.) ENEMY SOIL – My Religion
16.) INTER ARMA – 2000 Years
17.) TIDELAND – Crash
18.) VANESSA VAN BASTEN – Domio ’95

The label has quite a track record of releasing great records the past few years and now is your chance to see what they are up to currently for the best price of free!

Download the sampler right here.


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