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Redd Kross – Born Innocent red vinyl

Frontier Records continues to keep the vinyl stream flowing with a new pressing of another one of its punk classics on one of the primary colors.

The first Redd Kross LP, Born Innocent, has just been issued on a limited edition red vinyl platter. This cherry kool-aid looking disc comes housed in a standard jacket that has the cover art from the album’s very first pressing on Smoke Seven Records although it replaces the original spelling of the band with the more well-known modern version. The band used to spell their name Red Cross until the actual Red Cross caught wind of it and demanded they change it. Not wanting to endure a lawsuit, the band complied and rechristened themselves Redd Kross.  The record also comes with a lyric sheet.

This record is available for a paltry $13 ppd anywhere in the USA directly from the Frontier Records website. The record is another one of the all-time classics and worthy of every punk fan’s record collection no matter how old they are. If you head over to the website be sure and wish the label a happy 30th birthday.


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