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The Sacred Triangle: Bowie Iggy & Lou 1971 – 1973

A very entertaining documentary on how these three rock icons meeting helped shape the future of music.
Rating: ★★★½☆ 

The Sacred Triangle: Bowie Iggy & Lou 1971 – 1973 DVD
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In 1971 the careers of David Bowie, Iggy Pop, and Lou Reed were not exactly stellar, in fact they were all in a bad way. Bowie had one hit, Iggy was a drug addled ex-Stooge and Lou Reed was considered a has-been when he was burnt out after the dissolution of the Velvet Underground. Though fate had other intentions for these three would-be rock stars as they all happened to meet each other due in no small part to the fact that they all had a girlfriend/ex-girlfriend in common by the name of Nico. The subsequent meeting of these minds led to good things for all three of them as they all went on to find their respective niches and had very successful careers, especially David Bowie.

The Sacred Triangle is a documentary about these three rock icons, how they met, and how their careers and rock music in general changed as a result. This is told through interviews with people who were there at the time and involved in various capacities including Angie Bowie, Leee Black Childers, Andy Warhol assistant Billy Name, Jayne County and others. It is sprinkled with performance footage, music, great old photographs, and some old interview footage with the respective artists.

The film starts out giving a history and details about each musician and where they were with their respective careers leading up to the three meeting. It then goes into great detail about the result of these guys meeting and how they helped each other and what they took from each other, the results being that all their careers took off in various ways. The film tells the tale about The Velvet Underground and their influence on everyone, and then leads into a very lengthy history on David Bowie, who gets the most attention paid to him in this documentary, and was also the most successful of the three. It is really a fascinating story and gives a great look inside their early years as they were blossoming into some of the most influential rock icons of all time.

The movie is an hour and forty-five minutes long and will easily maintain your undivided attention for the entire duration. The video is 4:3 full frame and looks very good, even the old clips are of high quality. The audio is standard 2.0 stereo. Bonus content consists solely of some additional interview footage talking about Nico and her connection to the three people featured in this film. The film is definitely worthy of spending two hours of your life watching it and well worth checking out if you are a fan of any or all of the subjects.


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