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Blood Red Baby Blue – The Colors of Chaos

A solid debut by female-led punk with a spattering of other influences. Bonus points for the nice packaging and bonus items.
Rating: ★★★½☆ 

Blood Red Baby Blue – The Colors of Chaos LP
No Profit Records

Blood Red Baby Blue is a band from Alabama and I believe this is their first record. They are a four-piece band that includes a female singer. The band play what sounds like a mix of punk, street punk, a hint of metal and a slight sprinkle of post-punk and goth. The guitars are pretty crunchy and sometimes feature slightly metallic sounding leads. The songs mostly fall into the mid-tempo category and at times have an anthemic, sing-along feel. The vocals are somewhat reminiscent of the singer in Kittie in their early days when she would sing a lot more than scream. She has a solid voice that fits the music well and toes the line between melodic and punchy/aggressive without screaming or shouting. As a whole the album has some really catchy tunes that are worthy of repeated listens and the good far outweighs the bad.

The band really went all out with the packaging of this LP. The record is housed in a full-color jacket and the record comes on baby blue/blood-red split vinyl which matches the band name perfectly and looks very cool. Also inside is a two-sided poster/lyric sheet, a sticker, a patch, and a download card for the mp3s. You really get a lot for your money and it is an attractive package that is worth checking out. The band seems to be off to a good start and hopefully they will keep up the good work.



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