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Actors & Actresses – ARC LP

A collection of songs from the band’s first album remixed and reconstructed by label mates and friends resulting in what feels like new material. A perfect complement to their debut.
Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Actors & Acresses – ARC LP
The Mylene Sheath

ARC (which stands for Arrows Remix Compilation) is a full-length LP that contains eight songs from the debut Actors & Actresses album remixed by various label mates and friends. Label mates who took part include members of Caspian, Constants, and Beware of Safety. This project two a full two-years to complete and the results are quite interesting.

The band plays post-rock with soft melodic vocals. They also use a lot of electronics too which is atypical of this style of music (of course so is the fact that they have vocals). They create dense soundscapes but are far more melodic and atmospheric than that of many of their label mates. They also have a bit of an industrial dance feel to some parts of their songs. These remixes are quite varied and different enough from their original versions that it really makes this album stand on its own as opposed to just a bunch of alternate versions of pre-existing songs. At times this is good background music, at times it commands attention, and at times it will have you getting off the couch and shaking your ass. The variety of sounds and styles really adds a lot to the replay value of this record and it’s one that is likely to see a lot of heavy use on my turntable for the weeks to come.

The record comes in a standard, full-color jacket with all the pertinent information on the back cover as to who did the remixing and where they were from. The record itself has black and gold labels and comes on colored vinyl (this particular one was gold with black streaks limited to a mere 109 copies! there is also a black vinyl version limited to 98). As is always the case with releases on The Mylene Sheath, the mastering job was fantastic and the record has a lot of punch and a warm, full sound. There is no insert or any download code unfortunately .

The two-year wait for this record to come out was well worth it and hopefully it will signal more material from Actors & Actresses in the future, and hopefully that future comes sooner than two more years! Those interested may not want to sleep on this very long as with such a limited pressing it isn’t likely to be available for very long.


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