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Resistance Pro: Just a Game 9/14/12 at Excalibur

After a month off Resistance Pro Wrestling finally was back with a new event this past Friday with Just a Game which was held at Excalibur. This time the setup was different as Excalibur had done some renovations so while the event was on the same floor, it was in a different, bigger room this time. The new setup was nicer and less claustrophobic than the usual room was but came at the expense of not having the monitors and stage. From an audience perspective however it seemed that there was a lot more room with better sight lines to catch the action and the action was plenty.

Lucy Mendez came out to the ring wearing a coat. She soon stripped out of it and started parading around the ring to entice the crowd. After a couple of minutes of her posing and smiling, D’Arcy Dixon came to the ring and attacked her. D’Arcy has the market cornered on being the girl who people look at in RPro and he didn’t like what she viewed as an inferior woman invading her territory. This led to the two fighting in the ring though it wasn’t a match. D’Arcy didn’t get much of a chance to put up a fight before Lucy knocked her out with a bulldog and left her laying. Lucy took off and then The Ego Robert Anthony came to the ring to find a still laid-out D’Arcy. Ego tried to lend a hand and actually be a gentleman which led to Steven Walters making his RPro return. Walters was none too happy with what was going on and was looking to pick a fight with Ego. After some back and forth mic work between the two, they had a wrestling match.

Ego is easily one of the top two performers in RPro and the one who is the most over. The fans were cheering for him the moment he came to the ring. Walters was no slouch this evening and this match gave him his best showing in the ring. He went toe to toe with ego trading blows and holds and the two put together a really good match that featured some brawling, reversals and good mat action. Neither one of them dominated the match and both looked strong the entire match. Eventually Ego was able to take advantage of Walters missing a big move and hit him with his “taco pizza” finisher which got a big pop from the crowd. This was an extremely strong way to start the show and Ego is clearly the top babyface in the company now thanks to him putting on such strong performances every time he steps into the ring. Walters finally got a real chance to shine here and he came out of this match looking good.

Ruff Crossing and John Skyler took on Da Cobra and big Chris Hall in a tag-team match. Cobra and Hall had a little dispute over who would start the match and it was clear that Hall didn’t think he needed a partner and was confident that he could kick ass on his own. Skyler and Cobra started things off and Skyler quickly took the upper hand in the match and was out maneuvering Cobra at every turn. Hall was pissed off at his partners lack of performance and decided to show him how it’s done when he was tagged in. Skyler tried to use his quick moves to take down Hall but was overpowered in his dual attempts at a sunset flip that resulted in Hall picking him up off the mat both times by the neck and tossing him away like trash. Skyler tagged in the bigger Ruff Crossing who fared better and the two used quick tags and double team opportunities to take control again. Hall was never down for very long and make frequent comebacks. Cobra got a chance to shine and finally he and Hall started working together to gain control. Eventually Crossing/Skyler got the win. This was a very fun tag match with a lot of quick action and great work by all four participants. Skyler and Ruff Crossing both could be solid singles workers (and are) or if they stick together as a team they’d be good in a chase for tag belts. Cobra has some very cool and flashy moves and a cool look and is very agile. Hall is one of those rare big guys that can really move much like Bam Bam Bigelow used to be. Hall continues to look stronger every time he steps in an RPro ring and his power moves look sick, especially his belly to belly suplex into the turnbuckles.

Jesse Corgan came to the ring and started talking to the crowd about how he was going to take over Resistance Pro from his brother Billy. Billy came to the ring and tried to explain to Jesse that things have been getting out of hand and that neither one of their places is inside the wrestling ring and that their place is behind the scenes. He came into the ring to try to make peace with Jesse and after some discussion Jesse seemed to go for it and the two hugged in the ring. When it came time to leave the ring however, Jesse pushed Billy into the ropes as he was walking toward them and then told him that he was taking over. Billy turned around and was tempted to sock his brother in the head but took the high road instead and left the ring shaking his head.

In a two out of three falls match, Thunderkitty took on Crystal White who made her first appearance in Resistance Pro. Thunderkitty was sporting a great new outfit this time. The two locked up and Thunderkitty took the first fall very quickly and then Crystal took the second in nearly the same amount of time. The third fall went longer and there was some botched spots and weird moments where it appeared the two had miscommunication. They tried their best to recover but they lost the crowd by that point and eventually Thunderkitty won the final fall.

Ashton Vuitton took on Samurai Del Sol once the Corgans left the ring. Ashton came out in a black fur coat and got a ton of heel heet when he started posing and talking shit. Samurai was very quick and did a lot of cool moves including a sick looking flipping piledriver that was sort of like the Canadian Destroyer but he started it by jumping on top of Ashton. Ashton used his larger size and strength to take command for a lot of the match but also did some more acrobatic stuff too. The match was fast paced and almost non-stop action and pretty exciting. Ashton won with a dragon sleeper and continued his winning streak.

Nikki St. John challenged Melanie Cruise for the woman’s title. Melanie somehow morphed into the babyface at this show, helped by her putting over the fans of RPro earlier in the evening and Nikki ended up being the bitchy heel which she was very good at. Melanie has been winning over the fans the past couple of shows as her matches have been getting better so a face turn was inevitable, plus it is hard to hate someone who comes to the ring with a cute little dog every show. The bell ringing was still going when the two ladies started slapping each other silly and rolling around on the mat clawing at each other. Finally they stopped brawling long enough to start actually wrestling and the action was heavy. Nikki hit as many moves as she could think of on Melanie who wouldn’t stay down and kept retaliating at every turn. Melanie’s size and strength worked to her favor and she regained control and looked like she’d win the match when all of a sudden Jocephus came to the ring and knocked out the referee. He then knocked out Melanie too with a big slam! Lou E came to the ring and proclaimed that he was starting a new heel faction and that Jocephus was now a part of it. It looked like Nikki was also going to get a beating from Jocephus but she then joined up with him and Lou. They were going to beat on Melanie some more when Mr. 450 came to make the save. He started brawling with Jocephus and got some good kicks in which gave Melanie enough time to recover and start fighting again with Nikki. A replacement referee came to the ring and declared that this was now a mixed tag match. The two guys fought for a bit then the ladies did and then guys and ladies were fighting each other. Usually a mixed tag match is a recipe for disaster but this one was really well done with a lot of cool action. Melanie took some big bumps from Jocephus and Mr. 450 gave the big man a workout and made his life difficult by using his speed to get in some offense. Eventually Nikki and Jocephus won after Nikki knocked out Melanie with a chain to get the win. Referee #2 declared her the winner and then Referee #1 came back and said that Nikki is now the champ. Ref #2 said no since it was a tag match and that led to a lot of confusion as the Barons came to the ring to try to break up the confusion but only added to it as they took the belt with them and left the ring. This will likely lead to a rematch between the two ladies which will have a lot of promise and should be an exciting match. Excellent work here from everyone.

Former WWE superstar Gene Snitsky challenged Lonesome Jay Bradley in the main event of the evening. This was a battle of two big dudes, both of who have a lot of power. The two started off trying to win a battle of shoulder blocks which resulted in Jay quickly outsmarting Snitsky and kicking him instead. The two traded blows and slams and the action spilled outside where they beat each other around the crowd for a while. They threw garbage cans, chairs and anything they could get their hands on at each other and it was a miracle that one of them didn’t just pick up a fan and toss them at the other one to try to get the upper hand. When they eventually made it back to the ring Snitsky started wearing Jay down a bit and then put him in a big bear hug to squeeze the life out of him. When Jay broke free he pulled down the back of Snitsky’s trunks exposing his big bare ass to the dismay of the audience. Jay then exposed his own ass for a minute for some reason and then once Snitsky came back to the ring, they resumed brawling for a while until Jay found his opening and leveled Snitksy with his Boomstick clothesline. This was a fun match with some good brawling by two solid workers that made for an enjoyable close to a very solid wrestling show.

As is par for the course, Resistance Pro put on an excellent wrestling show where everyone in the ring clearly worked their butts off to deliver the best matches they could. The crowd was hot the entire night and cheering and holding up signs and it was a great evening for wrestling fans.

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