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Heatmiser vinyl goes hot pink

Two indie rock classics just got a new vinyl colored facelift courtesy of Frontier Records. Heatmiser’s Dead Air and Cop And Speeder LPs have recently been pressed up on an opaque hot pink vinyl. For those of you who don’t know, Heatmiser was the band that Elliot Smith was in prior to going solo and becoming an indie rock superstar until his untimely passing in 2003 (has it been that long already?!). Heatmiser released three records on Frontier Records as well as a handful of singles and one other album on various other labels. The band called it quits back in 1996. The music was louder and packed far more of a punch than any of Smith’s solo records and as a result, I’m a much bigger fan of his work in Heatmiser than of his solo material, though that was certainly good as well.

Both LPs this time out are on hot pink vinyl and each one comes in a full color, standard jacket. Cop And Speeder also comes with a two-sided lyric sheet. Each one of these should be relatively easy to find at your better record stores will supplies last but if your store has poor taste and doesn’t stock these, you can easily have them sent right to your front door by ordering them directly from the Frontier Records website.


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