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Riot Fest reveals first wave of 2018 lineup

The world’s best music festival, Riot Fest, just announced the first wave of bands playing this year’s fest here in Chicago. The list so far reveals a TON of great bands and those closed-minded folks who say, “there’s not enough punk bands” can kiss my ass because there already is a LOT of great and legendary punk rock bands this year. Not to mention such greats as Gary Numan and Killing Joke!! Elvis Costello returns this year and The Jesus Lizard is doing another small run of reunion gigs which includes Riot Fest this year.

As always there’s plenty more to come in the near future and Riot Fest is always full of surprises so we can only wait and wonder what else they have up their sleeves for this year. They’ve never once disappointed and this first wave of names alone is so good it is going to make the wait for the best music weekend of the year to arrive this September.

Tickets for Riot Fest are available right here!

Nicely done Riot Fest folks, I can’t wait for the show!


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