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A Monday I’d rather forget

Had to stay home from work again today so they could finish the cabinets in the kitchen. It looks awesome, but of course I still don’t have coutertops, a sink and my dishwasher isn’t hooked up. I’ll be without those for a couple weeks easy. My floors get installed the second week of July. I can’t wait until it is all done. This day got off to a rough start as i ended up getting sick and hurling my frosted flakes right after breakfast. JLS came by to keep me company and kicked my ass 11 out of 13 pins we played in the basement. At least I got a 3 billion on Theatre of Magic. The evening was topped off for me with a most disappointing dinner that I’m not even gonna write about, and then a trip to home depot on my way home to buy a new kitchen sink. I had trouble figuring out what I wanted so I was staring like an idiot at the sinks up on the shelf for what seemed like hours, but was probably only 15 minutes. I finally made up my mind and called it a nite. Now off to watch tonite’s raw that I taped since I went out instead of sticking to my usual monday routine. Tomorrow I can finally go back to work.


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