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Back to the grind

Finally back at work. It felt like I was gone longer than the 4 day weekend I ended up having. It is super-deluxe hot out today and it was raining earlier. I hope I don’t have any record packages sitting on my front step getting rained on today. I really should either build a contraption for the mailman to put packages in next to my door so they don’t get wet, or get a PO box. I would like to go for a bike ride after work, though i’m not sure it is so good for my damaged back. When I am riding it is fine, but if i finish and then go for a walk, that nerve gets pinched big time and I’m in pain. Then again, the same thing pretty much happens when I’ve been sitting for any great length of time so I may as well go for it. The spine doctor called yesterday and changed my appointment to a date 3 weeks from now! They said the doctor was changing her friday schedule and they had to change my appt. I guess the doctor must have decided she doesn’t want to work on fridays anymore. So the first appointment they had that wouldnt’ involve me missing work, or driving way out of my way was in 3 weeks. I thanked them for prolonging my suffering and told them to call me if they get an opening sooner. ChrisD is supposed to come by tonite to work on his Dracula, I’m helping do a playfield swap on it.

Current mood: Headache
Current music: Korn (yeah, i said Korn!)


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