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Ever have one of those days where nothing at all seems to go right? This morning before leaving for work, I had to spend 15 minutes on the phone with ATT to get my internet working again, when that was finally done, I had to go to the post office to mail out a bunch of stuff I sold on ebay. The D.G. post office must be the slowest one in the known universe. There is always a line and it barely moves. The people who work there are nice, but man, can’t they go any quicker?! After that, I realized I forgot my cell phone so I had to stop home again to pick it up, then the traffic on the 290 was it’s usual shitty self. That has to be the world’s worst highway. They should expand the damn thing to 10 lanes on EACH SIDE! When I finally made it in the city, it took me 20 minutes to find a parking spot! I was seriously ready to just turn around and go back home. I stormed into work to find that a meeting was going on that I was to be a part of! Doh! I’m sure that didn’t look too good for me!

Tonite I hope to put everything back in my cabinets in the kitchen to restore a bit of order to the place and then finish up compiling the list of interview questions for John Stabb of Government Issue for the SC website.

Postage goes up AGAIN on 6/30! I hope the extra money they are squeezing out of me per stamp is going to help speed up the service at my PO, but I know it won’t.

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