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Met Don for lunch at Potbellys Naperville today. There was no tables so we had to eat outside but the weather was awesome so it was no big deal. Spent nearly the entire day assembling pages for this huge GI discography. I have such a long way to go. I was trying to figure out frames and tables and was having a bit of trouble but luckily Vince was online and gave me some very helpful advice and got me going in the right direction. I am finding myself having to fix a good deal of the images i prepped for this project.

Got a Skulls interview in my email box from Bill/Doctor Strange, so that is another thing I have to assemble and get up on the site. This is not a bad thing, it is in fact good as my site will have more content and hopefully more people will check it out. Tomorrow I also have to go searching for some good bulletin board software so I can get that feature of the site implemented.

Current music:Government Issue (looking at all these GI records made me want to listen to them while working)


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