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I slept in today. I don’t know if you can really call it sleeping in. I slept bad, and had a couple really bad and disturbing dreams. One of them pretty much has already ruined my day as I can’t get it out of my head. Just like I wish life had a rewind button, I also wish you could control your mind like the radio, if you don’t like the thoughts in your head, push a button and change them to something else.

Last nite the brothers’ Sharpe came by and we had an endurance match of all the pinballs in the basement. Josh won, I came in second, Zach third. It was a close battle and a lot of fun. My back can’t handle these long bouts though and I had a great degree of discomfort throughout the second half of our war. My Jackbot took a crap last nite and now I have to pray that I can get this bracket welded and back in time for league finals that are a week from today. I was really looking forward to playing that game last nite too, of all the ones in the basement, that was the one I was in the mood for.

Today I’m going to Potbellys with Don then when I return, I’m sitting down with the book Thor got me and am gonna learn how to do frames in HTML so I can get this GI discography up on the web site. After that, I am gonna do a Dangerhouse Records one. There was an interview in MRR quite a few years ago with the founder of the label, so I will reprint that (MRR says it is ok to reprint thier stuff as long as they are credited) and then I’ll scan all the record images and put them up there with it.

Current mood:Disturbed/depressed
Current music: None yet, but when i get in the car – Milemarker


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