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PT and vinyl

Yesterday I had physical therapy in the morning and a half dozen errands to run. It pretty much wore me out but after a rest, I was feeling stir crazy and had to get out so i went up to Record Breakers. I had a bunch of crap to trade in that Reckless wouldn’t take last time I was there so I gave this place a try, they took a good chunk of it and I waked out of there with some new records and a couple dollars leftover. Some of the stuff I got was:

MC5 – 180gm Sundazed reissues of the first 2 albums (I did not own any pressing of these)
Feederz – Ever Feel Like Killing Your Boss LP reissue (ok, I own the original, but I am a sucker for buying reissues of records I have cuz I feel the need to own them all)
Isis – Celestial on Orange Vinyl (another damn pressing of this record, damn them!)
Bad Brains – Omega Sessions 10″ on orange vinyl (thanks a lot tony for pressing it up again on another color so people with my sickness had to buy another copy)

After that slo came over to watch a couple movies and listen to my incessent bitching about being single and not meeting anyone, and how all the current women I know seem to have wronged me in one way or another.

Today I ran to best buy to get blank vhs tapes for koz so I can copy all the ultraman episodes for him and I picked up Black Hole on DVD. I damn near bought the Dark Shadow DVD that has the first 40 episodes, but I cheaped out and passed. Now that I am home, I kind of wish I bought it, that is 40 hours of hopeful entertainment I could have had and would have kept me plenty busy as I’m on the mend. Oh well, better off saving the money as the percentage I have to pay for physical therapy is really gonna add up fast. I think I am just gonna lay down with my new electro-shock device they gave me for my back and take it easy all day as tomorrow is my next shot. This electro-shock thing is sweet, it feels real good when it is on and after it is over I still feel pretty good for a little bit after. It has 4 electrodes that adhere to my back and criss-cross electricty to my back and stimulate the area, it’s pretty damn cool.

Current Music: Silver Chalice LP (anyone have their 7″ they want to sell/trade me?)


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