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Shot two

Had shot #2 today. They did it different than last time. This time I had to sit hunched over while they surrouned me with this C-shaped xray machien that took pictures of my insides. Then they gave me the shot that way. I was sitting there all fine until all of a sudden my whole body jolted like I was zapped with electricity and it hurt! It only lasted a couple seconds but man it was uncomfortable. I was told that is normal. Yikes. Thor was kind enough to take me to get my shot, and on his bday no less! Many many thanks to him and HAPPY BIRTHDAY THOR!

Why is it that people who bid on your items on ebay CAN’T READ?! I had 3 people today try and pay me thru paypal with a credit card, when it was CLEARLY stated that I do not accept credit card payments. How f’n annoying to have to write these people and try and drill the point home that. See, paypal takes a cut of your $ if you take credit cards and they aren’t getting my money! Fuck that. On top of that, I had another one ask if I would take a personal check when again it and the other thing being stated in ALL CAPS, the guy still had the nerve/stupidity to ask me. I don’t understand how more clearly you can state auction terms besides in ALL CAPS and also not only having it in the auciton description (which they should have read BEFORE they bid) but also in the checkout instructions. GRRRR!!!!!!!!

When I got back from my shot, I had a msg from Dina asking how it went. I was surprised to have that waiting for me when I got home, and that is more than I could say about my family, neither of whom have called me as of me typing this. Anyway, that cheered me up to know she was thinking about me. Well, I’ve pushed my limit for sitting in a chair to type this, so it is back to the couch to eat dinner, lay down, and watch WWF Raw.


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