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I’m running out of titles

Slept really bad last nite, not sure why. I was tired and I couldn’t fall asleep for the longest time and when I did, I woke up a bunch of times throughout the nite. Lucky thing I have a couple days off to recover and rest so I can score some naps anytime I need them. I think this shot might really help, while I’m still messed up, I feel a bit more mobile than I did yesterday, something I hope will continue. I have therapy tomorrow mornign too which should also add to my recovery process. The rest of the day I’m just gonna take it easy and lay down and watch some movies and TV.

My sister called me last nite and we talked for about 90 mins. That was the longest phone conversation we have had in a real long time and it really cheered me up. She even said that if I end up needing surgery, that she would come down here for it. That was really a nice thing to hear and unlike my ex, who offered to take me to my shot and then renegged, my sis I am sure would come through for me if it comes down to that. I am hoping that it won’t though and am trying by best to remain positive and do everything I can to help this process of healing work to avoid surgery.

OK, back to the couch and the TV


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