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Slept a bit better last nite but woke up really sore today, especially sitting at the kitchen table eating breakfast was pretty uncomfortable. I went to therapy this morning and felt a bit better after that. Overall I feel a bit better than before this last shot, but I have a ways to go before I can be normal, I just hope I don’t have to get surgery, but if I have to, I will do it. I am actually more hoping for not having it for the fact that it would just mean more missed work, and while I know that they will not fire me, I don’t want to ever have them feel I can’t be counted on or anything like that as I LOVE working where I work and would never want to fall out of their good graces.

Got some records in the mail today from Alternative Tentacles that I ordered:

Los Olvidados – LP
Drunk Injuns – LP
Free Beer – LP

I really need to start writing reviews for my web site but I can’t really sit at this desk a long time, plus the turntable is downstairs. I really need a laptop and a wireless link to my PC and cable modem like Thor has, but alas I cannot afford it right now. Might be time to sell a game or something to pay for it. The rest of my day I’m gonna relax wtih my electro shocker device for my back and listen to the records and maybe watch a movie. I email Carol to see if she could come visit as I have not seen her in over a year and we have been friends since high school. Hopefully she’ll make it by, but all my efforts at having lunch with her or visiting so far has not had any postive results yet.


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