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Nothing like a tasty Palace burger to get you thru the day. This time I was sure to ask the friendly woman named Penny to check my food before she bagged it to make sure they didn’t pimp me by putting cheese on it. I told her it made me very angry and ruined my day last week when that happened. She obliged and I had a perfect meal.

My therepy got cancelled today so I don’t have to leave early after all from work today. After work, I don’t have any plans so I will just end up going home and working some more on the Jawbreaker discography. I was working on it last nite when someone called me and I ended up talking to her on the phone for like 2.5 hours. Next thing I knew it was 1:30am! The mailman was also kind enough to bring me these:

Avengers – Died for Your Sins test pressing
Defnics – 51% 7″
Built on Blood Compilation LP + 7″

The punk vault continues to grow.

Current Music: Doubting Thomas – The Infidel (perhaps my most played and favorite CD that I own)


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