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Last nite after work I stopped by Mark W’s house (my old boss at Midway) to get a couple parts for the pinball machine I am selling JLS. I got to see his really cool collection of antique music boxes, fortune tellers, slots, bowlers, etc. Also got to play Indy 500 pinball (he worked on that game) which I have not seen since it was at the bottom of the stairs before they made it. It was a lot more fun than I remembered, and a hard game too. I wouldn’t mind owning one someday. After that I just went home and made some soup for dinner and watched two hours of Ultraman.

Today the plumbers came and FINALLY replaced that toilet in my basement with a working model. This was a 6 month ordeal to get them to do. They are perhaps the most unorganized and useless plumbing service I have ever encountered. The guys who came out today seemed nice enough, it is just the company they work for sucks and I will never use them again for anything, ever. I had to make my usual saturday trip to the PO and the line was super long. While I was waiting, a woman struck up a conversation with me. This took me by surprise as things like that seldom ever happen. She was very nice, and wasn’t bad looking. Like a dummy, I didn’t ask her name or even if she was single or anything. Sometimes my own stupidity baffles me when it comes to such things. I am just a shy idiot most of the time and then regret things like this later. Hell, even if I ended up not liking her or whatever, I could have made a new friend perhaps.

Waiting for Thor to come by and tonite we are going to see SW Ep 2 at Tivoli. The brothers Sharpe and thier OH crew are supposed to come over to pay me for the pinball game, fix it, and play a few games as well. We were all gonna go to Potbellys, but Thor’s dad tipped him off that all of downtown Naperville is closed off for some parade or something to that effect. Fucking Naperville! We’ll have to eat at El Famous instead.

Current Music: Los Olvidados LP (this is a MUST own, it is SO DAMN GOOD!)


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