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Burritos and popcorn

Last nite Thor and I went to El Famous for dinner and then to the Tivoli to see Episdoe 2. This was the third time I have seen it, and I enjoyed it as much as the other two. The popcorn at the Tivoli was as awesome as aways too. I stopped at Best Buy to pick up my wireless router for my new laptop that I ordered and ended up also buying 3 more DVDs! Everytime I go there I end up buying more movies. I gotta stop.

Today the cleaning woman I hired is cleaning the house. I used to do it myself but since hurting my back I have been unable to do it and this place was in drastic need of cleaning. So far she has the top floor done and it looks great, she seems to do a great job. I had forgotten what a clean house looked like without dust and stuff all over the place. She barely speaks any English, so communicating with her is kind of difficult.

I am in dire need of groceries. When the cleaning woman is done, I am going to go take care of that, this way I can have something a little more exciting than soup for dinner. I also need to put up the new reveiws on the web site. I’m glad tomorrow is a holiday as I don’t feel this weekend was long enough to get all the things done I had hoped to, but I will be able to by tomorrow evening.


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