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Labor-less day!

Slept in a little today, but not as late as I would have liked, but my body just refused to get anymore sleep as usual. Updated my web site today and did the grocery shopping and some laundry. It was a pretty uneventful day overall. I sort of wish I could have had my annual party so I would have had something interesting to do today.

I’m watching Raw right now, so far it is alright, but do they really need another world champion belt – 1 for each show? You gotta give props to Trish, she really busts her ass in the ring and tries to work a match, and she’s getting better. Before this show started, I was cooking dinner and discovered I needed bacon and the package I had (and had not yet opened) expired over a month ago! I thought it was good until Sept, boy was I wrong, so I had to fly down to the store and grab a package really quick while I was in the middle of cooking! That’s what I get for not looking before I did the shopping today.


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