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Damn UPS!

I emailed Red Trumpet to find out the tracking number for my VPI machine (the record cleaner) and they did indeed ship it when promised. According to UPS, they attempted to deliver it at my work at 6:36pm on Friday. Now I left 6 minutes before that, and there still was a bunch of people that were here long past that time. So either they lied, or the moron went to the door around the corner instead and didn’t bother to try the real door. I was all set to go kill him today if I saw the truck, luckily he delivered it before the anger grew even more than it was. I would have liked to enjoy it over the weekend we just had. Well, it is here now (sans 7″ adapter which was as special order item that I’m waiting on) and I can’t wait to get it home and up and running! It is heavy so I will have to figure out who I can call when I get home to bring it in the house for me. Someone from work will be able to load it in my car for me, so that is not a problem. On the way home tonite I am stopping by best buy to get Blade2 on DVD. I have been waiting for it to come out. I am well stocked on newly acquired DVDs to watch during my recovery from the cortisone shot I get thursday. I am gonna spend most of the time from after the shot just laying down resting the back and watching all the movies. Since this weekend my back has bothered me a bit more than usual lately, I think the rest will hopefully do me some good. I am really starting to get nervous though that this shot might not be enough. Which means unless there is some medicine they are gonna give me, surgery might be the only option and I really would rather not get that. Too bad my laptop won’t be here by tomorrow, it would have been awesome to have that up and running so I would never have to leave the couch while recovering this weekend.


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