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Missing work for the doc

No work for me today because I had 2 doctor appointments today and in-between them was not enough time to warrant driving to the city and back for the hour or so I would be able to stay there at work. I met my friend Carol for lunch today at DuPage Inn. I have been friends with her since high school. She looked fucking awesome, even better than the last time I saw her which was a year and a half ago. There wasn’t enough time to properly catch each other up on each others life since our last visit so hopefully I can talk to her again sooner than later. She was sure though, to give me some crap for how shy I am and how I have trouble meeting people, hence my being single. One time, a handful of years ago, I had a party at my house that she attended. While intoxicated, I was flirting with her and asked her why we never hooked up before when we used to hang out all the time. Her response – “You never made the move on me idiot.”. DOH! She is married with child now so if I will have to live with the regret of never trying. She was a lot of fun. I remember this one time we went swimming at my grandmother’s pool, it was one of the most fun days I have ever had and I remember vividly wanting to try something with her and being so fucking chicken that I didn’t do it, even though thinking back, I am sure my advances wouldn’t have been turned down that day. Oh well. Live and learn (and regret) I guess, and to this day I am still terribly shy. I am glad that she and I are still friends, even though I seldom get to see her or talk to her

I rounded-off the between doctor visits time with going to the world’s slowest post office to mail a record I traded, and some stuff I sold on ebay. When I got back, I had a payment sent to me from another ebay sale! Just my luck, had it come an hour sooner I could have mailed it today, now I gotta go again on saturday.

Off to the back doctor again where I shall demand surgery. More later…


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