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The choice

I saw the back doctor. She gave me two options, either surgery, which is recommended, or to try taking some medicine which is like an oral version of the shots. I chose the surgery, which was the recommended choice as after it is done and I recover, I will be done with this nonsense once and for all. I have an appointment to meet the surgeon in 2 weeks, where I’m sure then they’ll schedule the procedure. I am not nervous about the surgery. I am more concerned about whether or not my sister will actually come down for this like she said she would, and I am also hoping that when I come to after the operation, that I do not get sick and throw up. I have about a 50 percent chance of that happening based on past surgeries that I have had. It sounds like after the operation, I will be laid up for a couple weeks. I will have to get work to set me up at home so I can do some work on the laptop while I am home recovering. I don’t want them to think I am useless and can’t be counted on, and since I am gonna be laying down and on the laptop anyway, may as well make myself useful. It is times like these however that not having any close family or a girlfriend really gets to me as I could use someone to help me out while I’m laid-up.

I’m just resting now and watching some Ultraman until Smackdown comes on. I was gonna make some dinner or myself later, but I realized that I am missing something in which to make it and will have to go to the store. I wish I knew that while I was already out and I am really sore from all the moving around today.


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